Overpower - World Legends Listing - FAQ

Who produced this set?

BMG and Associates, LLC - the current holder of the Overpower trademark.

Is this a fan produced set?

No.  This is an official product being produced for the new Overpower Collectible Card Game, with more offerings to follow.  BMG is working on licensing opportunities currently.

Is this associated with Marvel or Fleer or any producers of the 1990’s Card Game of similar name?

No.  This is being produced by BMG and Associates, the current trademark holder.  We are interested in legally licensing Marvel, DC, and other IP holder’s properties.


Is this compatible with the 1990’s Card Game?



Are the cards tournament legal?

Yes!  These power cards, as well as future core and expansion set offerings including Character cards and special cards will be tournament legal in existing North American OverPower Alliance (NAOA) tournaments.


Will there be future offerings?

Yes!  Stay tuned, more offering to come.  Some, like this offering, will be limited edition and limited quantity.  Others will be full scale releases.


Where / how can I get this and future offerings?

This foil power card set is an TheOrangeKing.com exclusive!  Monitor this website for future offerings coming soon!

What happened to the logo / icons / layout?

The new OverPower Card Game has its own logo, and we have created new iconography for a new, fresh look!  Mechanically, the game can interact fully with the original 1990’s game.

How will the rules work?

Currently, these cards can be used within the North American Overpower Alliances’ rules for their legacy tournaments, or with whatever house rules you use with your friends at local gatherings.  Upon release of the 1st core set, the official rulebook for the new Overpower Card Game will be released, creating streamlined, but familiar, gameplay and rules.


I’m excited!  How can I help with the game?

We’re glad you’re excited!  Support for these initial offerings are key; collecting the cards and playing the game at home and at live tournaments is the best way to stay involved and support the game.  Feedback can be sent to feedback@bmgandassociates.net