Valhalla Overpower Tournament, July 30-31, 2021 New Holland, PA

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July 31, 2021 in New Holland, PA.

Airbnb for Friday and Saturday night. Eight people max. $70 for the 2 nights per person. It is 10 minutes from the tourney locations. First come, first serve on the booking. Note: the owner will be on premise.

Saturday Tourney Location - Six Feet Under Games, 844 W. Main St., New Holland, PA 17557 Opens at 9 am. Round 1 will start as close to 9 as possible.

Saturday food - food is available in the plaza from Subway, Dominos, New Holland Coffee Co (great local place with a full menu restaurant), and there is a bar in the plaza. Each one is on their own for food. Six Feet Under does allow food to be brought in.

Saturday Tourney cost: $35/person - this will cover site rental and prize pool for top 4.

Saturday Prizes: first place will be a $1,250 uncut IQ sheet and the winner will be knighted the King of Valhalla. Remaining top 3 will be cash prizes based on the number of entries.

Attendee prizes: over $300 in prizes donated by (theOrangeKing). All registered players will receive something from the prize pool.

Rule testing at Valhalla tourney: the Al/AL/EB tweaks used at the Peace Bridge tourney will be tested again for both Friday and Saturday. For the Saturday tourney, the Artifact Ultimate Nullifier can be used as written or as a nullifier against an in play DoW. After the swiss tourney on Saturday, a yeah or nay vote will be taken on each of the four test rules. The results of the poll will be provided to the NAOA president.  

AI tweak: They will all use Power Leech targeting rules - must target a character. If successful, you may choose to have opponent remove a placed card from the targeted character or the homebase.

AL tweak: if successful, may remove a hit from current or permanent record.

EB tweak: all EB cards will operate as written on newer cards; "may shift to".

Playing rules:

No mulligans. Once your hand is removed from a played card, your turn is over; unless the play is illegal. You take that card back and play another card.

Shuffle. You must riffle shuffle, when your opponent is seated, at least seven times. You can ask your opponent to do two additional riffle shuffles.

Cutting. You can cut your opponents deck one time, no multiple cuts.

Judges: there will be three judges assigned for the tourney. 

Questions: contact me at

Thank you!! See you in Valhalla!

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  • Valhalla decks:

    Galactus (Phil Miller) 9-0 Any Hero w/Spawn, Original Iron Man, Dark Beast, 3-stat Dr. Strange in reserve. Homebase: Team Overpower. Event: Shattered Image.

    Black Panther (Dave McMillan) 6-3 Battlesite w/Muir Island. Homebase: Four Freedoms Plaza w/Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch: Invaders in reserve. Event: Might Over Mind.

    Thor (Ed Kowalewski) 6-3 Any Hero w/Lizard, Mole Man, Abomination, Morlocks in reserve. Homebase: The Sewer. Event: Fatal Attractions.

    Spider-Man (Keith Bursack) 4-5 Battlesite with Astroid M. Homebase: Odin’s Vault w/Captain America, Super Patriot, Dark Beast, Beast the Brute in reserve. Event: The Crossing.

    Grifter (Swawn Sawyer) 4-3 Battlesite with Helicarrier. Homebase: Team Overpower w/Beyonder, X-Babies, X-Man, and Shadow King in reserve. Event: Maximum Carnage.

    Angel (AJ Kitsmiller) 4-3 Battlesite with Outback. Homebase: Overpower Tournament (Team Overpower) w/Inhumans, Crystal, Spawn, and X-Babies in reserve. Event: The Crossing.

    Cable (Patrick O’Neil) 3-4 Battlesite with The Hellicarrier. Homebase: Odin’s Vault w/Fairchild, Heroes For Hire, Dark Beast, and Spider-Woman in reserve. Event: The Crossing.

    Apocalypse (Dave Bentley Jr.) 3-4 Battlesite with The Outback. Homebase: Team Overpower w/Mephisto, Mandarin, Shadow King, Dr. Strange in reserve. Event: Infinity Gauntlet.

    Golden Age Wolverine (Kyle Krause) 3-4 Any Hero w/X-Babies, Wolverine, Team X, and Maverick in reserve. Homebase: Marvel Universe. Event: Shattered Image.

    Superman (Martin Slinkowski II) 2-5 Any Hero w/Beast, Spider-Girl, Donald Pierce, and Dark Beast in Reserve. Homebase: Omniverse. Event: The Crossing.

    Beyonder (Larry Van Etten) 2-5 Battlesite w/Stark Enterprises. Homebase Fantastic Four w/Invisible Woman, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, and Thing in reserve. Event: The Crossing.

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